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Hi, I’m a storyteller from India.

I made my first film at the age of 11 while strolling through the walled city of Old Delhi laden with my father’s Nokia smartphone. That evening while filming the long-withstanding food culture of Delhi, my love for cinema blossomed.

At 23 now - I have written, directed and edited over 50 films: for myself, for brands and for social media.

What cinema means to me is an amalgamation of every human sense. I observe what is happening around me - lending ears to the unheard and feeling the warmth of the world as I taste the truth. I offer a whiff of emotions in everyday life with stories that need to be told.

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Short Fiction Film, Music Video, Documentary - I like to write stories that are unafraid to speak the truth and film them to be as real to life as possible.

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Director, Co-writer, Editor

Vadh (Carnage)

What happens when you have the power to commit
the perfect crime?
Vishnu is added to an online group where people forward inflammatory text messages without checking their legitimacy. Upon realising the untapped potential of a carefully scripted story, Vishnu tries to become the judge, jury and executioner.

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Director, Screenplay, Cinematographer, Editor

Who Asks For It?

After a seemingly long day, a woman returns home, and as she finally finds herself in her own space, free to move and express herself at ease, a rumination begins 

It is this account which forms the body of the film, introducing the viewer to the dynamics of dating, from the point of view of the protagonist, in a heteronormative world.

It soon progresses to question the location of women in a society where they are often reduced to simply their appearance.This precedes engagement with the idea of love, relationships, happiness and the manner in which all of them interact with each other to constitute life and existence, while also allowing the film to raise its eventual question that serves as the primary motivation of the plot.

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Director, Writer

Laze (by GVND)

Laze by ‘GVND’ in Ups&Downs
Produced by: WhoIsAvi and 3ill Records

I was approached by an upcoming rapper to make a debut music video for his album Ups&Downs.


Digital Ad Films, Concept Films, Television Ad Films, Fundraiser Films -
I have scripted films for Horlicks and Royal Enfield, directed & shot films for local restaurants, created concept films for social media, and helped raise funds for NGOs during the pandemic.

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Script, Copywriter

Horlicks (GSK)

Horlicks: Doodh Maange More (Milk Needs More)
Conceptualised and scripted a series of digital films for Horlicks’ new campaign ‘Power of Milk’.

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Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Criconet E-Coaching App - Digital Film/TVC

Based in India, Criconet is an upcoming platform which connects BCCI-accredited coaches with aspiring criceters across India.

This stopmotion film was conceptualised to help the user base get a better understanding of the application and how to use it.

This film was broadcasted on India Ahead news channel and was also uploaded on their social media platforms.

Featured Work         
Director, Writer, Cinematographer

Rehmatullah Hotel - Digital Film

Rehmatullah HOtel - Jama Masjid, Old Delhi 

As part of a 5-film series I conceptualised and directed for this old restaurant in Old Delhi, India, this film focussed on the charity offerings of the restaurant along with its patrons.

This film went viral, garnering over 5M+ views on Facebook along with leaving 11M+ impressions.